Publication is a certificate for a person to be recognized as a researcher. Even, without adequate publicity, someone working at a research institute can not be considered as a researcher. Through a publication, a researcher can contribute to the welfare and salvation for mankind. In order to provide benefits broadly, a scientific paper must be published in the right media and for the right consumer. The development in information and technology has led to extensive changes in the way of managing an information including scientific information. The Internet progress has changed the way of communication concerning storing, processing and distributing a scientific material, as well as adjusting the material content to the intended consumers.

The existence of a scientific journal is inevitable that it publishes a scientific paper. The language and the coverage of scientific journals greatly affect the scope of consumers, thus it affects the acceptance of the researcher’s idea or the research results by the right target audience or consumers. The manuscript which is written in the national language and published in national journals certainly has different scope of consumers and different impact from the manuscript which is written in international languages and published in international journals. In the new era of communication, to integrate local or national scale research into the international community is very possible, since the limitations found in conventional communication are no longer relevant.

The ability to write a manuscript in a correct way according to the scientific rules as well as in an interesting way will determine the approval of the manuscript to be published. Thus, this skill is crucial for researchers, and it should be owned and honed by researchers.

Research and Innovation of Science in the New Era of Communication

1. Genetic diversity
2. Diversity of species
3. Diversity of ecosystems
4. Ethnobiology & Socioeconomics
5. Life Science and Technology


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