Molecular based genetic diversity of Brongkol's superior durian germplasm of Semarang, Indonesia




Abstract. Prakoso CNY, Retnoningsih A. 2021. Molecular based genetic diversity of Brongkol's superior durian germplasm of Semarang, Indonesia. Biodiversitas 22: 5311-5316. Durio zibethinus is an Indonesian most popular edible durian. This species' genetic diversity is the highest compared to other durian species. Brongkol Village, Semarang, Indonesia is one of the villages that produce superior durian varieties. Brongkol durian is well-known for its sweet and bitter taste of aril with its white to yellow color. This research aimed to analyze the diversity and to identify superior durian in Brongkol using ISSR molecular markers. DNA was isolated from the leaves of 25 varieties of Brongkol superior durian. The DN A was isolated using a modified CTAB method. The genomic DNA was amplified using PCR employing 7 ISSR markers. The amplified DNA band was visualized using a 2% agarose gel electrophoresis. Data were analyzed using the NTSYS’ pc version 2.02 program. The alleles produced in this study were 340-3,000 bp in size. The Polymorphic alleles were found as much as 90.2%. The results of study showed a similarity level of 0.29-0.95. All of the Brongkol superior durians were identified as different varieties. All of the superior Brongkol durians studied were identified as distinct varieties. The results of this study indicated a high diversity of superior durian in Brongkol. In addition, specific alleles were found in varieties B5 and B16.


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Vanijajiva O. 2012. The application of ISSR markers in genetic variance detection among durian (Durio zibethinus Murr.) cultivars in the Nonthaburi province, Thailand. Procedia Engineering 32:155-159.