Native Begonia in Baturaden Botanic Gardens, Central Java




Abstract. Efendi M. 2019. Native Begonia Baturaden Botanic Gardens, Central Java. Pros Sem Nas Masy Biodiv Indon 5: 13-17. A survey on native Begonia was conducted on Baturaden Botanic Gardens, Central Java. Exploration methods were used to inventory of wild begonia in thus areas. Five begonias, namely B. areolata, B. longifolia, B. multangula, B. atricha, and B. muricata were described. Locally, Begonia atricha, B. multangula and B. longifolia were used for medicinal plants, while Begonia atricha, with red leaves and green spotted, have been sold as ornamental plants. Further, begonia cultivation training needed to prevent over-exploitation in their natural habitat.