SWOT analysis for orchid conservation in a forest at Mount Sanggara, West Java, Indonesia




Fardhani I, Kisanuki H, Parikesit. 2018. SWOT analysis for orchid conservation in a forest at Mount Sanggara, West Java, Indonesia. Asian J Ethnobiol 1: 69-74. Mount Sanggara, West Java, Indonesia, specifically in Legok Jero area has orchid diversity consisting of 46 epiphytic and four terrestrial. The diversity indexes (H’) were categorized as medium both for epiphytic and terrestrial species. The problems in Mount Sanggara are due to conversion of forest into coffee plantation and illegal logging although the forest status is protected forest. Besides, orchids are also threatened by illegal collecting. Strategic management is needed to solve these problems. The purpose of this study was to create the proper strategies to manage the forest in a sustainable way for orchid species, surrounding villages, company, and the sustainability of the orchid community itself. This paper explores internal and external factors by SWOT analysis to formulate management strategies. Data were gathered by structured and unstructured interview and questionnaire. The instruments were distributed to company as stake holder, farmer group, and local residents. From the SWOT analysis, several strategies were proposed to optimize the strengths and opportunities for the purpose of overcoming the weaknesses and to avoid the threats. Consequently, the proposed strategies can be an alternative for stakeholder to manage this forest sustainably not only for local residents but also for the orchid community itself.