Bakera: Tradition of medicinal plants utilization for therapy, prevention and recovery of diseases in Jailolo Sultanate custom society, Indonesia




Abstract. Indonesia is well-known as the source of tropical plants that are very useful for treating various diseases. In addition, there are also various traditional knowledge of herbal utilization in many societies. People of eastern part of Maluku Utara Province, the Jailolo Sultanate Society of Halmahera Island, which consists of four original tribes: Gamkonora, Tobaru, Sahu, and Wayoli, still using traditional medicine to treat diseases. Their tradition of “Bakerais now has been considered as the ‘Spa’ as in modern urban societies. Bakera as one of local geniuses in medical field has become entrepreneurial interest, especially for those running the spa business. Medically, plants used in Bakera have been proofed to have positive effects on health. This data may enrich other data on the wealth, diversity, as well as knowledge on medicinal plants of Indonesian Society. The research uses emic and etic approaches. Data is analyzed descriptively, presented in form of Figures and Tables. Data is analyzed by: 1) Data presentation; 2) Data reduction; 3) Data verification; 4) Data validity check. Informants of the research are eight people, assigned using Purposive Sampling Technique. The results show that Bakera medication can be used in post-maternal treatment, relief pain, treating malaria, as well as liver disease. Nine families of plants are noted as being used asmedicinal plants. Proportion of medicinal plants’parts used in bakera are: Leaf 75%, stem 12%, and bark 13%