The initial complete chloroplast genome of Ludisia discolor in Vietnam


Viet The Ho


The medicinal plant Ludisia discolor has been highly valued for its effectiveness in treating various diseases. To better understand its genetic makeup, the complete chloroplast genome (cp) of this plant from Vietnam was sequenced, annotated, and compared with published cp genomes. The results of this study revealed that the complete cp genome of L. discolor is 151,876 bp in size consisting of 96 protein coding genes, 12 rRNA and 33 tRNA genes. Total 53 simple sequence repeats were detected in this genome, most of them are polyA and polyT. Genomic comparisons revealed significant differences between the cp genomes of L. discolor from Vietnam with other accessions from China. These findings could provide valuable insights for the taxonomy, plant identification, breeding, and conservation programs of L. discolor in Vietnam.



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