Recent coral reef conditions in Weh Island, Aceh Province, Indonesia




Utama RS, Hadi TA. 2018. Recent coral reef conditions in Weh Island, Aceh Province, Indonesia. Ocean Life 2: 47-53. Over the past several decades the coral reef conditions have been declining globally due to human activities and natural disturbances. In the last decade, several natural phenomena such as a 2010 tsunami and 2016 coral bleaching event have been recorded in Weh Island and resulted in coral cover decline. The aims of this study are to observe current status of coral diversity and reef conditions at Weh Island. The study was carried out during February 2017 at ten study sites. The methods used were Underwater Photo Transect (UPT) analyzed with CPCe 4.1. software. Live coral coverage ranging from 10% to 57,33% with average live coral cover at Weh island at 28.48% ± 5.334 (moderate condition). 82 species, 31 genera, 13 families of coral were recorded in this study with four species found at all sites. No take and no anchor zones from Panglima Laot regulation at the Iboih areas provide a positive impact for maintaining coral health.