New record of seven marine crabs from Saint Martin’s Island of the northern Bay of Bengal, Bangladesh




Abstract. Habib KA, Sarkar S, Islam MJ. 2021. New record of seven marine crabs from Saint Martin’s Island of the northern Bay of Bengal, Bangladesh. Indo Pac J Ocean Life 5: 41-49. The present study reports the first occurrence of seven marine crabs species, Camposcia retusa, Conchoecetes artificiosus, Cyclodius obscurus, Eucrate indica, Halimede ochtodes, Petrolisthes boscii, and Prismatopus aculeatus collected from Saint Martin’s Island, Bangladesh. These species belong to the seven families: Inachidae, Dromiidae, Xanthidae, Euryplacidae, Galenidae, Porcellanidae, and Majidae. Specimens were identified by the examination of morphological characters.



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