Enumeration and pathogenic of Vibrio in cockle (Anadara granosa) in Bantul Yogyakarta




Abstract. Devi AR, Susilowati A, Setyaningsih R. 2018. Enumerasi dan uji patogenitas Vibrio sp. yang terdapat pada kerang darah (Anadara gramosa) di kawasan pantai wisata Yogyakarta. Pros Sem Nas Masy Biodiv Indon 5: 357-361. In Bantul Yogyakarta culinary seafood is aim from the tourist especially type shells well in circumstances mature ready eat too in from still raw. Blood clams is filter feeder that is filter water for get eating that causes blood clams susceptible contamined microorganism. Contamination biological especially bacteria pathogenic in blood clams could cause foodbornedisease. Some bacteria cause foodbornedisease among is Eschercia, Pseudomonas and Vibrio. As many as 10-20% of cases foodbornedisease is transmitted through food result the sea caused by bacteria Vibrio spp. There are 3 species Vibrio can cause foodbornedisease on human that is V. cholerae, V. parahaemolyticus and V. vulnificus. The research aimed to know total Vibrio using TPC (Total Plate Count) on blood clams and adjusted with BPOM regulation No. HK 4011. To knowing character Vibrio with using test pathogenity on blood agar. This research using experimental methods do on May 2018. Sample collection blood clams on 3 beach and 3 conditions (fresh, unfresh and boiled) at a strect of the coast Bantul area. Isolate bacteria Vibrio on blood clams with using Vibrio TCBS (Triosulphate bile salt agar) selective media. The result and conclusion of the study showed that blood clams sample frome the three beaches were positive containing Vibrio and the best quality was found on the coast of Kuaru 0,145 x 105 CFU/mL (P3S1), 0,156 x 105 CFU/mL (P3S2) and 0,004 x 105 CFU/mL  (P3S3). Pathogenity of Vibrio of 20 isolates get 3 different isolat base on morphology (P2S3, P2S2 dan P3S3) positive indicated β-hemolysis.