Habitat and survival rate of Luwing (Scutinanthe brunnea) in South Kalimantan Province




Dodo, Astuti IP. 2020. Habitat and survival rate of Luwing (Scutinanthe brunnea). Pros Sem Nas Masy Biodiv Indon 6: 542-545. Scutinanthe brunnea or Luwing is a species of plant in the Burseraceae family tribe that has potential as a local fruit plant and commercial timber. This plant is found in Sri Lanka, Peninsular Malaysia, Sumatra, and Kalimantan. The current category of Luwing conservation is Least Concern. Information about efforts to increase the populations of Luwing is unknown. The study of Luwing on the habitat, survival rate of wildlings and seed germination are carried out as a basis for conservation. The searching of Luwing is carried out by an exploratory method by taking a purposive sampling. The survival rate of wildlings is obtained from the results of adaptation. Seed germination is obtained from germination. The results showed that Luwing presence in natural habitats is rarely found, even if found in steep habitats. Luwing regeneration is slow, as evidenced by the rarely found seedlings under the parent tree, besides that the survival of the seedling is very low and the seed germination is also low. Felling trees without replanting plus slow regeneration can threaten Luwing populations. Efforts that can be done include legally protecting and protecting these plants, duplicating ex situ areas such as in the Botanical Gardens, conducting seed propagation technology to obtain superior seeds, and planting seedlings to increase Luwing populations in their natural habitat.