Effect of beluntas (Pluchea indica) leaf extract on mice spermatogenesis




Amalina N, Suyatmi, Suparyanti EL. 2010. Effect of beluntas (Pluchea indica) leaf extract on mice spermatogenesis. Biofarmasi 8: 47-51. This research aimed to determine the effect of beluntas (Pluchea indica L.) leaf extract in habiting spermatogenesis. Flavonoids can inhibit aromatase enzyme that function to catalyze the conversion of androgens into estrogen so that the level of the testosterone hormone will increase. The high concentration of testosterone will affect on the feedback to the pituitary, that not releasing FSH and LH, so it will inhibit spermatogenesis. This research is an experimental research with post-test only controlled group design method, using male mice, 2-3 months age, weight 20-30 g, as many as 24 mice divided into 4 groups. The first group was a control group, the second group as treatment group I that given with 1.4 mg/20 g body weight beluntas extract, the third group as treatment group II that given with 2.8 mg/g body weight beluntas extract. The fourth group as treatment group III that given with 5.6 mg/g body weight beluntas extract. The treatment was given for 10 days after that the testes of mice were taken and from each testicle was made 3 slices and from each slice the most representative seminiferous tubule was taken for spermatid cells. So, each mice had 18 units of data would be analyzed. The data obtained were analyzed with Anova to determine the significant differences before and after the treatment of extract and to be compared the difference between four groups with Dunnet T3 test to determine the difference between each group. Based on the statistical test results with Dunnet T3, it showed a significant difference between the fours study groups, except between treatment groups I and II. This might be due to the effectiveness of the two doses equally so that by doubling the dose, it did not give a doubling effect on decreasing spermatids. The provision of beluntas leaf extract can cause a decrease in the number of spermatid cells in mice. The average spermatid cells number decreased with increasing beluntas leaf extract dose. The best dose for reducing the number of spermatids in this study was the dose in the treatment group III that was 5.6 mg/g body weight.