Plant species of Family Poaceae in the Purwodadi Botanic Garden




Plant species of family Poaceae have important roles in rural economic and daily human life. They have been used in
constructional building, tools, handicrafts, pulps, vegetables, fodder, baskets, traditional medicine, etc. Inventory to know
the plant species and potentials of Poaceae were conducted in the Purwodadi Botanic Garden through observation in fields, interview, and literature studies. The results showed that there were 25 species of bamboos and 36 species of grasses in the garden. The bamboos genera Bambusa and Gigantochloa have more species than the other genera. Polytrias amaura, Axonopus compressus, and Oplismenus burmanni were the common and dominant grasses in the garden.
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Key words: bamboos, grasses, Poaceae, Purwodadi Botanic Garden