Polymorphism analysis of drought tolerance gene OsDREB2A in Indonesian local rice from Lampung, Indonesia




Abstract. Chrisnawati L, Ernawiati E, Yulianty, Hariri MR. 2022. Polymorphism analysis of drought tolerance gene OsDREB2A in Indonesian local rice from Lampung, Indonesia. Biodiversitas 23: 6352-6357. Drought stress is a significant threat to rice cultivation and the selection of drought-tolerant rice plants is needed to find superior plants. The OsDREB2A gene plays a role in the regulation of drought tolerance and is widely used as a marker. Therefore, this study aims to analyze the OsDREB2A gene polymorphism in the local rice variety of Lampung Lumbung Sewu Cantik, compared to the Inpago 8 drought-tolerant and the IR64 sensitive variety. DNA extraction was performed on fresh leaves using the GENEAID Genomic DNA Mini Kit, amplification by PCR was carried out with the OsDREB2A primer pair, while sequence analysis was conducted with MEGA X and confirmed using the BLAST program. The sequencing results showed that the three rice varieties had the same sequence length of 250 bp. The Lumbung Sewu Cantik variety has the same sequence as Inpago 8, while IR64 has an insertion that causes a frameshift mutation. Furthermore, phylogenetic analysis showed that the Lumbung Sewu Cantik variety was in a similar group with tolerant varieties, while IR64 was in a different group. The similarity of the OsDREB2A Lumbung Sewu Cantik sequence is presumably associated with tolerance to drought.


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