Diversity report of freshwater gastropods in Buton Island, Indonesia




Abstract. Purnama MF, Sirza LOMJ, Sari SF, Salwiyah, Haslianti, Abdullah, Suwarjoyowirayatno, Findra MN, Nurhikma, Agriansyah A, Hidayat H, Syukur, Anwar K. 2022. Diversity report of freshwater gastropods in Buton Island, Indonesia. Biodiversitas 23: 1938-1949. This study was located in Buton Island consisted of 5 administrative districts/cities (Baubau City, Buton District, South Buton District, Muna District and North Buton District) and was conducted for 1 year (August 2019-August 2020). The output is to reveal the potential richness of the biodiversity of freshwater gastropods as a first step to optimize the utilization of freshwater gastropod resources in the Buton Islands. Determination of sampling location for gastropods was carried out by purposive sampling method and the selection of gastropod samples using simple random sampling method at a predetermined location based on the presence of gastropods. Gastropod samples (epifauna/infauna) were collected manually without special fishing gear with gloves, paralone pipes (3.5 inches), and filter (1 mm). The gastropods found in Buton Island consist of 18 genera and 40 species. Freshwater gastropods spread over 8 families, namely Cyclophoridae, Planorbidae, Lymnaeidae and Thiaridae. Among the species, there are several invasive alien species (IAS) such as Tarebia granifera, Melanoides tuberculata and Achatina fulica. These three species always dominate the habitat space where they are found. Most gastropod communities in 5 districts/cities live in fast-flowing rivers with rock, gravel and sand substrates. Only a few of them are found in artificial inland waters such as rice fields, embankments, dams and drainage. This study became a first step to optimize the utilization of gastropod resources and sustainable management, especially related to the conservation of native species from the threat of IAS.


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